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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

– Albert Einstein

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Calendar 2019

Upcoming events:

July, 2019

Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras - Aug. 25, 2019

What: Chakra Workshop at SoulShine Studios. Practical tools to help you:

  • Discover inner wisdom by listening to body messages
  • A time and space to be nourished and replenished
  • Practical tools for discovering inner wisdom, by listening to body messages
  • Explore how best to work with your vulnerabilities
  • Liberate authenticity, creativity, & energy
  • Manifest your improved health, growth, and deep awareness in the real world by connecting with your inner chakra energy

Cost: $50 early bird price until Aug. 16; $60 after that date.

When: Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, 1-4 pm

Where: SoulShine Studios, Stony Point Fashion Park, Richmond VA

How to Register:
Register online at soulshinestudios.com.

October, 2019

GIM III Transpersonal, Oct. 17-21, 2019

Spiritual & Transpersonal: Five-day module explores expanded states of awareness and the unique potential and place of music from this perspective. Transpersonal themes are explored as they emerge through GIM. Content includes: transpersonal theories of Jung, Wilber, Grof and others; transpersonal and spiritual dimensions of being; music in the expanded state; the mystical and the sacred; healing and GIM; and rituals and rites of passage.

Cost: $600 class fee plus $400 room and board, for a total of $1,000.

When: Oct. 17-21, Thursday - Monday.

Where: Reedville, VA

How to Register:
Contact Barb Davis at barb@turningpointcommunity.com or (804) 339-2404.

Once you have registered you can pay online using Paypal, below. You can either pay for the training and room and board all at one time, or use the form to pay in installments.

Questions? Contact Barb Davis at barb@turningpointcommunity.com or (804) 339-2404.

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