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“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know..”

– Carl Jung

Training and Workshops

Ongoing Training

All our trainings contain educational, didactic and experiential sessions and are facilitated from the assumption that participants want to grow both professionally and personally towards integration and balance for a whole life.

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The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music Training

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All our trainers are faculty of the Atlantis Institute for Consciousness and Music (AICM).

The AICM was founded by two of Helen Bonny’s first disciples, Sierra Stokes, Ph.D., RMT-BC, and Carol Bush, MSW, LSCW, in order to provide high quality professional training in the Bonny Method.

ami logoTheir Institute is certified internationally by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI) for all levels of training in GIM. Upon completion of the training, students are awarded the title of AMI Fellow and are entitled to apply GIM to fields such as counseling, health care, special education, and psychotherapy.

Each of us have the truth of our own story to share and the power to listen for our truth in another’s story ... and to experience that moment when we connect. Through experiencing the offerings below, each of us can answer life’s calling to come home to ourselves and to a higher source. Thus, creating a shift towards wholeness.

GIM: Professional Training Program, Level I
Five-day intensive workshop providing the foundational base for the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Content includes: historical, philosophical and theoretical perspectives, guiding skills, the introduction of six Level I music programs, the role of music as co-therapist; the power of imagery; using mandalas as a creative processing technique; and the use of GIM for individual and group work. Completion of Level I and application are required for acceptance to Level II.

Tuition $595.00 plus room and board
Length: five days
Location: throughout Virginia

GIM: Professional Training Program, Level II
Seven-day intensive residential training with an emphasis on how to guide within the non-ordinary state and develop proficiency in the skillful use of music. Content includes: the art and skill of guiding interventions; setting the intention for the session; assessing client’s readiness; levels of imagery experience; working with expanded mind states; advanced music programs; and creative processing techniques, including mandalas. Completion of Level II and application are required for acceptance to Level III.

Tuition $975.00 plus room and board
Length: seven days
Location: throughout Virginia

GIM: Professional Training Program, Level III
The Level III Training Program Involves six advanced training modules, personal sessions, supervisions, practicum, readings and music projects. It may be completed within two years. Students are assigned an advisor who serves as their mentor.

Training Modules:

Advanced Clinical Guiding Techniques: A four-day module which further develops the practice of GIM in working with clients presenting with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma and relationship issues. Several advanced music programs are introduced. Content includes: advanced skills for practice with individuals and groups; indications and contraindications; assessing music program choice for client issues; psychodynamics of music; and ethics and standards of practice.

Tuition $500.00 plus room and board

Supervision Module: Weekend seminar which focuses on strengthening proficiency in all aspects of the individual GIM session. Close supervision is offered through observation and feedback sessions. Content includes: skill development in pre-session interview; matching intention with music choice; advanced guiding interventions, physical interventions; and post-session processing.

Tuition $300.00 plus room and board

Music as Co-Therapist/Music and the Psyche: A weekend seminar which gives an in-depth exploration of the unique function of music as the center point of the Bonny Method and GIM process. Emphasis is placed upon the importance of the GIM guide’s knowledge and understanding of the GIM music programs. Content includes: fundamental elements of music; conscious listening; musical vocabulary, styles and periods; structure and analysis of musical compositions in GIM programs; how music functions as therapist and transformer; and the relationship between the GIM guide and music.

Tuition $300.00 plus room and board

Myth and Archetype: Five-day module which views GIM through the lens of the mythic and archetypal realms of consciousness. Music as archetype is presented as companion to the archetypal psychology of Jung, Campbell, and Pearson. Content includes: archetypes and GIM; advanced guiding techniques; music as archetype; the individuation process of growth; Pearson’s Heroic Myth Index; and mask making and ritual.

Tuition $600.00 plus room and board

Spirituality and the Transpersonal: Five-day module explores expanded states of awareness and the unique potential and place of music from this perspective. Transpersonal themes are explored as they emerge through GIM. Content includes: transpersonal theories of Jung, Wilber, Grof and others; transpersonal and spiritual dimensions of being; music in the expanded state; the mystical and the sacred; healing and GIM; and rituals and rites of passage.

Tuition $600.00 plus room and board

For more information on The Bonny Method of GIM, contact: Barbara Davis, LPC, FAMI, Primary Trainer, (804) 798-8285,

Reiki Training

reiki symbolReiki is a powerful yet gentle method of healing touch that utilizes universal energy to bring profound peace and healing to the body, mind, spirit and soul. The Reiki practitioner acts as a facilitator or channel for this divinely guided universal energy.

Reiki Level I
Cost: $150.00
Length: full day (9am to 5 pm)
Location: throughout Virginia

Reiki Level II
Cost: $175.00
Length: full day (9am to 5 pm)
Location: throughout Virginia

Advanced Restorative Reiki
Cost: $300.00
Length: two days (9am to 5 pm each day)
Location: throughout Virginia